Team Supervisor- night shift

Position summary

Under the authority of the foreman, the team leader must support the foreman in the performance of his duties. It will therefore have to coordinate the production activities on its work team to achieve the objectives of quality, production and health and safety.

Main responsibilities

Plan, supervise and supervise the production staff at their expense, excluding disciplinary management. Enforce OSH rules, factory regulations and working procedures. Collaborate on improving workplace safety, identifying accident hazards, and determining corrective measures.To encourage the participation of staff under its supervision and to maintain a working atmosphere conducive to the achievement of the Department’s objectives through communication, teamwork and the recognition of good results. Ensure that the standards and requirements for quality of work and productivity are met. Optimize allocation of resources (human, material, financial) and reduction of unproductive time. Technically support employees on the use and problem solving of different production and quality control equipments. Participate in decisions regarding the quality of the parts. Support the proper realization of the stages of production batches. Identify operational issues and alternative solutions that could be put in place to improve the productivity and quality of the produced parts.Ensure that adequate inventory levels are maintained. Ensure the training of new employees and track their learning. Ensure proper cleanliness of the premises and the cleaning required at the beginning/end of the watch. Complete different reports and forms (e.g., work voucher). Perform any other task, requested by its immediate supervisor, in relation to its field of competence and knowledge.


Offer Details

Workplace :
Waterville, QC

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Salary :
to discuss

PPD Group